About Us

Welcome to Studio Mikku – a woman owned, artisanal, small-batch ceramic studio. Based in the small town of Dundee, South Africa, my studio is a place where every piece of pottery begins with a simple, beautiful gift from the earth – clay.

Each handcrafted piece at Studio Mikku tells a story. The journey from raw clay to a finished work of art is a deeply personal and fulfilling process. As I shape and mould each item, my hands leave their unique marks, a testament to the care and passion poured into every creation. These finger marks are not just part of the process; they are a signature of authenticity and love, capturing the life of the pot in the making.

Working with clay is more than a craft; it’s a soulful journey. It’s about giving a piece of myself to every form I create, infusing each with my artistic vision and dedication. The transformation from soft, pliable clay to a beautiful, durable piece is a celebration of this creative journey.

At Studio Mikku, I strive to create ceramic pieces that brings joy and warmth into your home. Each piece is a unique blend of natural beauty and artisan craftsmanship, designed to inspire and connect. Join me in celebrating the art of ceramics and the simple, profound gift of clay. Explore my collection and find a piece that speaks to you, crafted with heart and soul right here in South Africa.